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WELCOME TO THE LKM FAMILY – more than just your average dance studio... 


We are the place where children can Dance, Act, Cheer, Sing and Perform in a caring and safe environment all while having lots of fun!  We are all passionate about what we do here and take great pride in seeing each student develop their confidence, abilities and friendships.  A place where they are empowered to build their confidence and self-esteem, and encouraged to explore and expand their creativity. Where excited teachers are committed and passionate, giving every student their chance to be a star! Whether your child comes to one class a week, or several classes, they will have the time of their lives on this wonderful journey with us, creating amazing memories along the way, not only for themselves, but for their family and friends.  

Our studio mission is built on 3 things that LKM Performing Arts holds to be true:

1. Every child is a Star! 

We believe every child has a light and a uniqueness that we will celebrate. There is a space for every child in the spotlight at LKM Performing Arts.

2. Fan their Fire. 

Our highest priority is to cherish the child. Empower them to be their best self, encourage them to push themselves in the use of  their imagination, their creativity, their spontaneity. Every time they set foot in our studio, they will know they are safe, we are excited to see them and that they can lose themselves, knowing anything is possible.

​3. ‘Learn to dance and dance to Learn’ 

A​s children learn to dance, they are learning much more than steps. Every lesson that we deliver contains subtle yet sophisticated layers of learning across multiple facets. We are educating the whole child and we take that responsibility seriously. Every decision that we make here at LKM Performing Arts is made with a view of elevating the quality of education that we are delivering.


My daughter has danced with LKM for 9 years and it has become her home away from home... It's Family.  The variety of classes, the amazingly talented and caring and supportive staff, the age appropriate costumes and song choices, the number of opportunities the kids have to learn and perform, and experience, not just for the kids but the whole family is why we love lkm!

Elissa, Nicola's mum







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