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LKM Performing Arts: Your Home for Childrens Dance Classes Winmalee

For over 20 years, LKM has been providing childrens dance classes Winmalee and the surrounding area. Today, we have three different studios, with over 100 classes weekly between our three locations. We have multi-age classes in Springwood, and a variety of kids dance class Faulconbridge. All of our studios are near public transportation, making them convenient and easy to access for the entire region.


Childrens dance classes Winmalee range from preschool to our competitive troupes and cheer teams, and everything in between. For parents of children ages 2+, childrens dance classes Winmalee includes our Ready Set Dance program, our Tiny Tumblers, and our Ready Set Ballet. You can introduce your child to the fun and excitement of dance, music, singing, and acrobatics in a safe, educational, and encouraging environment. Our students and parents alike love the preschool childrens dance classes Winmalee has to offer. For more advanced learners, there is a wide range of classes available at Winmalee, including acrobatics, jazz, hip hop, and more. From primary age students to teens, LKM Winmalee has something for everyone.


Kids dance class Faulconbridge includes classes for children ages 5 and up, and even a class for adults! Faulconbridge is where the majority of our older students participate in musical theatre, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and drama. While kids dance class Faulconbridge includes options for almost every age, you will find many of our pre-teen, teen, and senior students, as well as our boys only hip hop classes at the Faulconbridge studio.


Between childrens dance classes Winmalee and our options for kids dance class Faulconbridge, you can find the perfect dance class for your young dancer! During the enrolment process, we will help you determine the class level (based on experience and age) for your child. From there they will have the opportunity to advance their skills, have fun, and become the best dancer (or performer) that they can! At LKM Performing Arts, we make it our mission to encourage, support, and inspire your child to work hard, develop confidence and abilities, and make new friends. Contact us today to learn more or enroll your child in a free trial!

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