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LKM Troupes are for students aged 5 years and over who are interested in competing in eisteddfods and performances throughout the year and dancing at the highest level they can achieve.  These students may be trained in jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre.


Routines are performed at various community events and shows, and also at a competitive level in eisteddfods.  In addition to competing in a Troupe, students have the option of learning solo or duo routines for eisteddfods.


Our Troupes have been very successful in past eisteddfods, with all performers showing a commitment and passion for dance. Troupe classes are focused on the dancers achieving their very best with 100% commitment from teachers and students. The classes are disciplined and run in a safe, inspiring and caring environment. Parents or students preferring a more “fun” focused class should enrol in our recreational stream of classes.

Before you and your child make a commitment to LKM Troupes, it is important that you understand everything that will be expected of you.  We expect Troupe members to commit to the full year as choreography, costumes, eisteddfod entries etc., are organised around the full team being present for the year.  This is a “team” commitment relying on each individual to give 100%.



Being present for all practice / rehearsal sessions.  If you are unable to make rehearsal, you must notify your Troupe teacher at least 24 hours in advance.  This includes any extra rehearsals that may be scheduled prior to a performance date.  Regular attendance at all classes (not just Troupe) is a must – students who have a poor attendance record will not be allowed to perform at eisteddfods or other performances and may jeopardise their place in Troupe.t LKM Performing Arts, we will empower, encourage and excite your child to reach their personal best while having lots of fun!


Being prepared to travel approximately 1 hour away from Springwood to perform.  Our general performance area extends to Katoomba, Windsor, Penrith, Parramatta, Bankstown etc.  It is essential that Troupe students attend the final class before an eisteddfod, concert or performance.



ANNUAL TROUPE MEMBERSHIP - covers performance entry fees and rehearsals

Performance Troupe Membership - $80

Tap Troupe Membership - $60

Hip Hop Troupe Membership - $60

COSTUMES - Understanding that costumes are required for performances and must be looked after (generally there will not be any “spare” costumes if yours is lost or damaged, and a replacement fee will be charged).  Costumes may be hired from the LKM wardrobe or purchased by the dancer at the discretion of the Principal.  We always aim to get fantastic looking costumes at a reasonable price.  At the conclusion of each term, any costumes that have been used by Troupes will be calculated at $15 per use and invoiced with the following term’s fees.  This is done to help keep the costs down, avoiding parents having to purchase costumes outright at a cost generally around $80-$100 per costume.

PAYMENT OPTIONS - You have the option of monthly or weekly instalments using our AutoPay system.  This is set up in your Parent Portal - just click on "Enrol in AutoPay" and enter your details.

UNIFORMS & SHOES - correct attire MUST be worn to all classes, remember you are setting the standard for our Studio

  • Yes, we will be strict on what is being worn to class.  Students are not to be dancing in their school uniform, loose t-shirts or general street wear.  Dance is a discipline and our uniform is designed to put all students in the correct frame of mind, helping them learn and enjoy themselves while giving them a sense of pride and belonging to LKM Dance Studio.

  • Correct uniform should be worn at all times.  No loose fitting pants, blue jeans or t-shirts (they are not dance attire).  Teachers must be able to see the dancer’s body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.

  • Hair must be properly secured and tied up off of the face and neck

  • Jewellery must not be loose or dangling – this can be lost or cause safety issues

  • A neat and tidy appearance is required at all times – remember, you are representing your studio.

  • All classes (except ballet) require students to have black leggings or shorts and the LKM singlet, crop top or T-Shirt.  Ballet students require a black leotard and pink ballet stockings – girls may wear a wraparound chiffon skirt or studio shorts over the leotard.

  • Dance shoes & stockings – we stock Capezio tap, jazz, ballet, sneakers, foot thongs – you will find our prices cheaper than the shops.  You don’t have to buy from us, but it saves you $$ and time running around.

  • All the items you need are available from the Springwood and Winmalee studios – some will be held in stock and can be purchased and taken home.  If not in stock, you can place an order – a 50% deposit must be paid at the time of placing your order. 

  • Please note that all purchases must be paid in full before you can take them home.


*  Facebook groups

*  Troupe News - a special edition for Troupes emailed out each term

*  It is essential that you keep us updated with your current email address.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, the best way to reach our staff is via email at This means that we do not lose valuable class time talking to parents.  If you would like to discuss any matters, we can arrange a suitable time to meet with you.


Each Troupe has a parent as “Troupe Leader” who helps out with ensuring everyone has all the information they need for performances, eisteddfods, costumes, hair, etc.  These ladies are available to help you with any questions you may have – please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we’d rather questions than having you stress out!  Your contact details will be shared amongst other members of your Troupe (mobile phone, email etc) as we have found that this is a big help if you get stuck with transport or other work or family commitments.  Please let us know if you don’t want these details shared.

It is essential that, as a parent, you understand the commitment both you and your child are making to the Troupe when signing up.  LKM Dance is about having fun and having your chance to be a star, however it is impossible for teachers to choreograph and organise Troupe dances when students are absent.  This is particularly important for our younger dancers as remembering sequences, cues in the music and organising stage space needs extra attention and concentration.  So please help us make your child the best dancer they can be, by getting to all their classes on time, ready to dance!

If you have already decided on which class or classes your child would like to do, just click on the "ENROL NOW" button.  Complete your details and secure your spot today before classes fill up.

We're here to help you decide which class would be best for your child.  Just click on the "CONTACT US" button and send us through an email with your query.  One of our LKM Team will be in touch ASAP to help. 

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