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Top-rated Theatre and Drama Classes for Kids

At LKM Performing Arts, we provide an array of dance, theatre and drama classes for kids. If you are looking for performing arts classes near me, and you have a budding performer who wants to learn, grow, and challenge themselves in the art of theatre and drama, then look no further than LKM! Our state-of-the-art studio is designed for everything from dance to singing, and drama. Professionally trained staff guide students in their desired field, leading classes in classical ballet, hip hop, tap, musical theater, drama, and more! We even provide acrobatic classes for those who wish to learn a variety of performing arts skills.


Our top-rated theater and drama classes for kids teach the skills necessary to perform in plays, musicals, do dance numbers, and take on roles with solo performances. While each class is designed to teach both basic and advanced level drama, we offer so much more than that at LKM Performing Arts. Classes are also designed to provide your young students with a variety of benefits, including self-confidence, imagination, cooperation, communication, and fun! Through LKM theatre and drama classes for kids, students will gain life-long friendships and learn how to be part of a team. Your child will also be encouraged to grow and develop their personal strengths and skills while working alongside classmates and establishing a foundation of interpersonal communication and support.


When looking for performing arts classes near me, come visit LKMs theatre and drama classes for kids. With over 100 classes offered weekly, there is truly something for everyone. Not sure if drama or musical theatre is right for your child? We encourage students to participate in our free trial, where both children and parents can visit their preferred course to see if it is the right class for them! Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about our theatre and drama classes for kids and how to enroll your child today!

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